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The L&L Model Equity Portfolio invests in equity securities according to L&Lís proprietary investment strategy with a view towards capital appreciation. The results of the L&L Model Equity Portfolio are net of L&Lís current highest investment advisory fee (2.50% annually) and include the reinvestment of dividends of other earnings. Actual client performance may also be impacted by transactions costs from unaffiliated broker-dealer custodians. Comparison of the L&L Model Equity Portfolio to the S&P 500 is for illustrative purposes only and the volatility of the S&P 500 may be materially different from the volatility of the L&L Model Equity Portfolio due to varying degrees of diversification and/or other factors. The inception date of the L&L Model Equity Portfolio is April 2006. Results shown prior to April 2006 are for the performance of the Model Equity Portfolio (utilizing the same proprietary investment strategy) at a previous firm. The investment strategy and the investment decision-makers continued at L&L beginning in April 2006.

Past performance of the L&L Composite Portfolios may not be indicative of future results and the performance of a specific individual client account may vary substantially from the composite results above in part because client accounts may be allocated among several portfolios. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be not assurance that any specific investment will be profitable. For additional information about L&L, including fees and services, send for our disclosure statement as set forth on Form ADV from us using the contact information herein. Please read the disclosure statement carefully before you invest or send money.

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